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Where Are You

Hello All My Peps :)
I have totally been MIA for quite awhile... Neal, My hubby and I had so much going on since we moved to Texas. Wow its a lot of work to move 1000 miles to a rental house and then turn around and move into our New home 6 months later. I was tired!!! So just a quick recap on what I have been up too. I'm still working in the hair business but instead of working in the cosmetology field I am working as a Barber on the Naval Base in Fort Worth part time. I wasn't sure at first if it was somewhere I was going to continue but it turns out I'm enjoying it and like the people I work with.
Our home is slowly coming together,  AKA my craft room :-) So I'm able to start crafting  again. I am going to be dedicating this site,  The Paper Crazed Crafter to my Paper Crafting, like card making , Scrapbooking and all that is paper. My new adventure is sewing and Im making some truly fun things. I will be uploading my sewing projects to
Just a note on the famil…